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Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details
Profoto B10 Plus
Profoto B10 Plus
Profoto B10 Plus


The Profoto B10 Plus 500W/s AirTTL Battery Powered Flash combines some of the best features of prior models and combines them into 1 powerful lighting tool. With its intuitive interface and sleek build, the B10 Plus delivers 10x the power of the common flash gun.

More Than a Strobe: Built-In LED for Video and More

Enjoy a 150W-equivalent continuous lighting option that's dimmable and color temperature variable. This is an ideal feature for blending with ambient light, making the B10 Plus the perfect tool for photographers who also shoot video. The battery will power the LED for up to 75 minutes.

Full Control via Smartphone, Profoto Air Remote, and Profoto A1

Set and control the B10 Plus from the comfort of your phone. Thanks to the B10 Plus' built-in Bluetooth, you can get the most out your shooting experience when paired with the Profoto App. Touch and swipe your way to perfect lighting for up to 3 separate B10 units and preview your results. The B10 Plus can be wirelessly triggered with the app, a Profoto Air Remote (rentable separately), or with a Profoto A1 AirTTL Studio Light. These trigger options provide support for TTL and High Speed Sync with shutter speeds as quick at 1/8000th of a second. The B10 Plus has a built-in infrared slave sensor which can be optically synced with flashes of other brands, though experiment at your own risk. The B10 Plus operates optimally within the Profoto ecosystem.

Compatibility with Existing OCF Modifiers

Sharing the same basic form factor as the Profoto B2 and Profoto B10, the B10 Plus is compatible with modifiers from the Off Camera Flash (OFC) family. Classic Profoto speed rings (and their accompanying soft boxes) will pair with this light since the circumferences are the same. However, very large and heavy soft boxes are not recommended. An included 5/8"-16 adapter will attach the B10 Plus to a stand (not included) easily and is equipped with a port hole to accommodate umbrella-style modifiers of any brand. This adapter can be fully removed from the B10 Plus, revealing an attachment point for mounting on tripod heads.

Complete Portability and Fully Intuitive

The included battery provides up to 200 full-power flash pops or up to 75 minutes of continuous lighting. Unlike in many of the prior battery-powered Profoto models, the charging port of the battery in the B10 Plus is not obscured when attached and you can take advantage of pass through charging for your battery the B10 Plus.

For those new to interacting with strobe heads, the B10 Plus has a clean and minimal interface with a large display, main control dial, continuous light dial, and test button. Brightness and temperature are displayed clearly and controlled easily with the dials, while pressing the main dial takes you into the B10 Plus' settings. This is a great tool for getting to work with two different kinds of lighting, flash and continuous, in a fun and unintimidating way. Experienced shooters will enjoy the sleek workflow and beautiful design. The Profoto B10 Plus 500W/s AirTTL Battery Powered Flash is ideal for weddings, events, portraits, fine art, multimedia projects, class assignments, and more.


  • • This B10 Plus light has a built-in Air Remote receiver and can be wirelessly triggered from a Profoto Air Remote or Profoto A1 AirTTL-C Studio Light (not included). "Air" must be turned on for the B10 Plus and all flash heads must be on the same channel. If your B10 Plus and a trigger are within 1.5' of each other, disturbances may occur.
  • • There is no sync port on the B10 Plus so you will not be able to connect it with third-party transceiver remotes. Profoto Air Remotes are rentable separately.
  • • The B10 Plus does not accept AA batteries or any battery packs other than its included battery, which takes approximately 90 minutes to fully charge and lasts for approximately 200 full-powered flash pops (or up to 75 minutes in continuous mode).
  • • As of this writing, the Profoto App is only available on iPhone 7 and later with iOS 11 and later.
  • • When using LED mode, there is no temperature scale in the B10 Plus display. A color meter may be required for exacting results and range from 3000-6500K.

  • • (1) B10 Plus 500W/s AirTTL Flash with 150W LED
  • • (1) B10 Series Battery
  • • (1) Flash Cap
  • • (1) Charger
  • • Carrying Case

  • • Max Power: 500W/s
  • • Flash Duration: 1/390 Max - 1/35,000 Min
  • • Recycle Time at 100%: 0.05-2.5 Seconds
  • • Power Range: Approximately 0.5W/s to 500W/s in 1/10 Stop Increments
  • • Sync Speed: Up to 1/8000, Dependent on Your Camera's X-Sync Limitations
  • • 150W LED (3000K-6500K with +-500K Temperature Drift, 90-96 CRI)
  • • Operating Voltage: 14.4V DC (with Included Battery Only)
  • • Channel/Group Options: Up to 20 Channels, Up to 6 Groups in Manual (3 in TTL)
  • • Built-In Slave Cell for Profoto Air (1000' Range, 330' in TTL/HSS, Remote Not Included)
  • • Built-In Bluetooth for Profoto App (100' Range)
  • • Dimensions: 9.3" Long x 3.9" Diameter
  • • Weight: 4.2 lbs


    Profoto B10 Plus

  • • 500W/s with LED Modeling Lamp
  • • 0.05-2.5 Sec Recycling
  • • 1/50,000 Sec Freeze Mode
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