This Nikon Beginner Headshot Portrait Kit is ideal for shooters who are brand new to off-camera flash firing. Simply slide the SU-800 commander onto your camera's hot shoe, place the SB-700 flash inside the included soft box with the help of the intuitive flash bracket and you will have soft, directional lighting suitable for headshots. Turn on your SU-800 and SB-700 flash so that they are firing from the same channel and same group. Please see pages 18-21 of this manual for a complete guide on setting up your commander. Please see page D-8 of this manual for how to set the SB-700 into remote mode. You can either put the flash in manual mode or use auto mode (i-TTL, or through-the-lens metering). The light stand is our most portable model that can still be raised to 6'. This kit is a great introduction into the world of off-camera flash firing. The commander and flash both have large, clear screens to guide you through the settings and are advanced enough for custom settings but also simple enough for basic triggering and adjusting power levels. This kit is ideal for students and those with Nikon cameras without built-in commanders who want to introduce themselves to the world of optical line-of-sight commander/remote flash techniques. The foldable softbox with included speedring/bracket combo allows you to practice headshot and product photography while maintaining portability.


  • Great for: Simple lighting setups, events, family portraits, corporate headshots, lighting practice, and general portraiture.

  • • Packages with flashes do not include AA/AAA batteries. Plan accordingly. We cannot make substitutions on packages.
  • • This package does not include a Nikon camera or a Nikon lens.
  • • This package is compatible with any Nikon camera that has a hot shoe. It is particularly suited for those with cameras without a commanding pop-up flash (and who don't want to use a radio trigger) or those using cameras with pop-up flashes that don't have the commander feature built in, such as the D3200 or the D5100
  • • Need help with the flash? See this manual. Need help with the commander? See this manual.


  • • 2' Square Softbox with Removable Diffusers and Flash Bracket
  • • Portable Speedlite with 2.30'-79.72' Flash Range
  • • Off-Camera Trigger Commander with 66' Reach
  • • Light Stand with 1.6'-6.2' Range
  • • For Nikon Shooters (Camera Rentable Separately)

    There is no manual for this product.


    Nikon Beginner Headshot Portrait Kit

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