Save Up to $100 On Rentals - See Details
Save Up to $100 On Rentals - See Details
Lastolite EZYBox Softbox - 24 x 24"
Lastolite EZYBox Softbox - 24 x 24"
Lastolite EZYBox Softbox - 24 x 24"
Lastolite EZYBox Softbox - 24 x 24"


The Lastolite EZYBox Softbox is a 2' square light modifier compatible with any flash unit. Simply slide your flash onto the mounting bracket, which is connected to a speedring that nestles onto the back of the soft box using elastic tension. This is a very low-tool, low-effort light modifier suitable for head shots or as fill for more complicated lighting setups. It has a silver interior for contrast but a removable inner baffle and outer diffuser for soft light results. This softbox is particular well suited for beginners or low-profile shoots where set up and tear down needs to be fast.


  • • This soft box comes with a speedring and mounting bracket to easily connect your flash to the modifier. But a light stand is not included and can be rented separately.
  • • This modifier is not rod-based, making assembly easy. It folds in like a reflector for easy transport.
  • • Flashes are not included with this lighting modifier and can be rented separately.

  • • Inner Baffle
  • • Speedlight/Speedlite Mounting Bracket
  • • Outer Baffle
  • • (2) Thumb Screws
  • • Speedlight/Speedlite Speedring
  • • Softbox Shell

  • • 2' Square Shape
  • • Removable Front Face
  • • Removable Inner Baffle for Extra Diffusion
  • • Folds Down Like a Reflector for Storage
  • • Weight: Approximately 2 lbs

    There is no manual for this product.


    Lastolite EZYBox Softbox - 24in x 24in

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