Save Up to $100 On Rentals - See Details
Save Up to $100 On Rentals - See Details
Gary Fong Lightsphere Diffuser Universal
Gary Fong Lightsphere Diffuser Universal


The Gary Fong Universal Lightsphere Diffuser is an opaque, hard plastic cup that slips onto the end of your flash gun to soften either direct or bounced light. The included inverted dome cap allows you to softly diffuse direct light. Remove the cap for greater power when bouncing light. This dome is large enough to provide softening coverage for flash fires during vertical shooting and reduces the need for a flash-flip bracket. This diffuser is very popular among wedding and event shooters who don't have time for off-camera lighting setups but also need much softer light than what a bald Speedlight/Speedlite unit can provide.


  • • Compatible with hot shoe-mount flash units (aka "flash guns"). Not compatible with strobe units.
  • • This is a one-size-fits-all small diffuser with an adjustable strap and we cannot guarantee that it will fit well with your flash. Experiment at your own risk!

  • • Diffuser Dome
  • • Dome Cap
  • • Velcro Strap

  • • Material: Hard Plastic
  • • Opaque for Softness
  • • Designed for Shoe or Handle-Mount Flash Units

    There is no manual for this product.


    Gary Fong Universal Lightsphere Diffuser

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