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Free UPS Standard Shipping On Rentals $149+ - See Details


The DJI RS 2 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer expands DJI's prestigious Ronin series with a re-imagined system that's lighter and has a higher payload. Here are some of the advanced features of this professional gimbal:

  • • A new Titan Stabilization Algorithm with SuperSmooth that offers significant upgrades in stabilization over the Ronin-S. Compensates for micro movements and increases torque to stabilize lenses up to 100mm.
  • • Improved tracking thanks to a new ActiveTrack 3.0, DJI's most advanced tracking technology yet.
  • • Exceptional autofocus with a 3D Focus System that gives you superior focus handling even in low light.
  • • A front dial finger wheel for precise focusing and easy single-handed operation.
  • • Carbon fiber construction incorporated into vital structural components of the gimbal, allowing for a big reduction in weight while increasing strength.
  • • Dynamic payload of up to 10 lbs while still achieving up to 12 hours of battery life. With 20% more powerful motors, cameras like the Blackmagic Pocket 6K, the Canon 1D X Mark III, and the ALEXA Mini LF can all be accommodated. With the plates and handle attached, this gimbal still weighs under 3 lbs.
  • • A full-color 1.4" LCD touchscreen to easily access gimbal settings and see features like time-lapse and hyperlapse without using the companion mobile app. It supports 11 different languages, can initiate intelligent shooting modes, and display a live feed from your camera.
  • • An expanded suite of creative modes and movements, including Time Tunnel, Flashlight, Panorama, and more.
  • • Axes lock to allow you to keep the gimbal balanced until you're ready to shoot.
  • • NATO-compatible ports, allowing you to use more third-party accessories to greatly expand your handling and mounting options.
  • • Full compatibility with the RavenEye Image Transmission System (not included), which gives you a simplified way to view footage and transmit 1080p video from up to a quarter mile away.
  • • A long-lasting battery with a quick-charge option so you can get 2 more hours out of it after only charging for 15 minutes.

    The DJI RS 2 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer is the ultimate stabilization solution for filmmakers needing a reliable and lightweight system for creative projects, documentaries, run-and-gun assignments, events, and so much more. Important Note: A high number of RS 2s have returned to us with damage due to improper return storage. Please refer to the video below to see how to easily tear down the DJI RS 2 for safety:


    Important Note: A high number of RS 2s have returned to us with damage due to improper return storage. Please refer to the video below to see how to easily tear down the DJI RS 2 for safety:

  • • Refer to the DJI RS 2 Camera Compatibility List to see if your camera is suitable for this stabilizer. The follow focus and record trigger are not compatible with all systems.
  • • The DJI Ronin app is compatible with iOS 11.0 and above and Android 7.0 and above with Bluetooth 4.0 support.

  • Please use your own mobile app credentials when logging into the app.

  • • To pair with this gimbal, please use the following:

  • User: BLRONIN
  • Password: 12345678
  • Please do not change the password. Any password changes will result in a $30 processing fee.

  • • The DJI RS 2 battery is built into the grip and will run for approximately 12 hours. Charge the grip using the included USB Power Adapter and USB-C cable. Charging time is approximately 1.5 hours. Battery grip and gimbal each have a power button. Make sure to turn on the battery grip before turning on the gimbal.
  • • Wireless control is possible with the Ronin mobile app is approximately 32 feet. This can be extended up to 2 miles when paired with the DJI Pro Wireless Receiver (not included).
  • • Live view transmission is possible when paired with the Ronin mobile app and the DJI RavenEye 1080p transmission system, which is not included.
  • DJI RS 2 User Manual
  • Briefcase Handle
  • RavenEye Compatibility (For reference only – RavenEye not included with this rental.)
  • RavenEye User Manual (For reference only – RavenEye not included with this rental.)

  • • DJI RS 2 Handheld Gimbal Stabilizer
  • • Lower Quick Release Plate
  • • Upper Quick Release Plate
  • • Camera Riser
  • • (2) 1/4-20 Screws with D-Rings for Quick Release Plates
  • • DJI R Lens-Fastening Strap
  • • BG30 Grip with 1950 mAh Battery
  • • 3' USB-C to USB-A Charging Cable with USB Wall Adapter
  • • Detachable Tripod Feet
  • • Phone Holder
  • • DJI R Briefcase Handle
  • • 12" USB-C Camera Control Cable
  • • 12" Micro USB (Type B) Camera Control Cable
  • • 12" Mini USB Camera Control Cable
  • • 12" Sony Multi Camera Control Cable
  • • Carrying Case

  • • Payload: Up to 10 lbs
  • • Dimensions: 10.2" Maximum Depth x 16.1" Maximum Height x 7.7" Maximum Width
  • • Dual-Layer Camera Mounting Plate (Arca-Swiss, Manfrotto Standard)
  • • 1.4" Full Color Touchscreen LCD
  • • Full RavenEye Support (RavenEye Transmission System Not Included)
  • • Bluetooth Compatible
  • • ±0.02° Angular Vibration Range
  • • Pan Axis Range: 360°, Tilt Axis Range: -112° to +214°, Roll Axis Range: -95° to +240°
  • • Ports: RSA/NATO Ports, USB-C (Camera Control Port), USB-C (Follow Focus Motor Port – Follow Focus Unit Not Included), 1/4"-20 Mounting on Grip Handle
  • • Weight: 2.9 lbs


    DJI RS 2

  • • 10 lb Payload
  • • 1.4" Color LCD Touchscreen
  • • Support for Blackmagic 6K
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