Wildlife Pro Canon Package

Great for: Safari, nature trips, birding, and outdoor sports in foul weather.

Get up close and personal with Canon's fastest pro camera and pro-level zoom lens that is light enough to hand-hold and long enough to fill the frame with whatever exotic animal or landscape you are photographing. An extender helps you get even closer to the action if desired and the monopod helps provide extra support and relief during long events. A large memory card ensures that you can shoot all day without missing a moment, as does the extra battery. A rain/dust cover helps protect your gear out in the field. Your safari or nature expedition will be made complete with this setup.

Starting at $500.00 / Week
  • Canon 1D X
  • Canon 70-200mm f-2.8L IS II
  • Canon Extender 2x III
  • 64GB CF Card
  • Induro CM34 Monopod
  • Aqua Tech SS-200 Cover
  • Canon Battery x2