AlienBees 2.5' Moon Unit Softbox

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Notes: This softbox is designed specifically for the AlienBees 320W/s ABR800 Ringflash. It does not come with a light stand.

Rental includes:
  • (1) Gold/Silver Backing
  • (8) Rods
  • (1) Speedring
  • (1) Diffuser
  • (1) Fabric Mask Frame
  • (1) Reflector

  • • Lightweight
  • • Ringlight Specific

The AlienBees 30” Moon Unit Softbox is a unique light modifier designed for the AlienBees 320W/s ABR800 Ringflash. The ringflash (not included) goes into the center of the softbox which then produces a large-source light right on camera axis, normally a difficult thing to achieve with standard light modifiers. The octagonal shape is framed by black fabric masking to create a catchlight that is a perfect circle. This softbox is the quickest way to soften and spread the light from the ringflash.