Quantum Instruments Omicron OM3 TTL Flash and Video Ring Light

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To use the ring light as a strobe, your camera must be equipped with a PC-in jack. Unlike our other Quantum flashes, such as our Qflash T5D, the Omicron OM3 does not accommodate the household-to-miniphone sync cable so you cannot use Pocket Wizards with this light (unless you have a hot shoe adapter for your camera that includes a PC-in socket).

This ring flash comes with its own Turbo Compact AC Power pack that, while plugged into the wall, allows for continuous, unlimited shooting (details here). Charging only lasts for about 800 strobe-fired shots or 25 minutes of continuous video shooting with the included battery pack. You may rent additional portable Turbo3 Battery Packs, which will power the light for 2,000 strobe shots or 90 minutes of continuous video shooting.

TTL shooting is possible with this ring light on both Nikon and Canon camera systems but only with the use of the optional Quantum CoPilot, which can be rented separately.

Rental Includes:
  • • Omicron OM3 Ring Flash
  • • Box Bracket for Under-Camera Mounting
  • • Rail Mount that Accommodates 15mm Rods
  • • Turbo Compact AC Power Pack
  • • Omicron-to-DSLR PC-in Sync Cable
  • • CQ2 Flash Cable for Connecting OM3 to Included Power Pack
  • • Padded Pelican Case

The Omicron OM3 Flash and Video Ring Light uniquely provides both strobe and continuous lighting suitable for photographers and videographers alike. With the provided box bracket and 15mm rod-ready rail mount, this ring light can be adapted for both 35mm cameras (even pro bodies and gripped cameras) and video cameras (even those connected to shoulder mount rigs, such as the Redrock DSLR Field Cinema Deluxe Bundle). The 80 color-balanced LEDs that comprise this ring light allow for chromatically correct lighting and produces 60 degrees of diffused lighting ideal for glamour and fashion photography. For the videographers, auto-tracking when using the ring light in continuous mode keeps your subject evenly lit by adjusting the light output as you dolly in or out, over a 2 to 1 change in distance. The OM3 is compatible with lenses up to 3.9" in diameter.

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