Vagabond Mini Lithium Portable Battery

Vagabond Mini Lithium Portable Battery
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Notes: We make every attempt to have a fully charged battery for you, but we can't guarantee it 100%. If you need a fully charged battery, please request it via order notes. The Vagabond Mini accepts two North American (120V) standard three-prong AC power cable to power any AC-powered flash or strobe, however, the Mini was designed specifically for Paul C. Buff brand flash units. We are not responsible for overheating or lack of power when paired with other-branded strobes and flashes. To connect more than two flash units, use a grounded power strip/surge protector. Ungrounded adapter are NOT recommended. Experiment at your own risk. See these instructions for full information on the Vagabond Mini.

Rental includes:
  • (1) Vagabond Mini Lithium Battery
  • (1) Battery Charger

  • • Max Power: 1280W/s
  • • Recycle Time at 100%: Approximately 7 Seconds
  • • Power Range: Even Across 2 Plugs
  • • 130 Watt-Hours (200-250 Full Power Flashes)
  • • Modeling Lamp Dimming Capability: None. Not Recommended for Powering Modeling Lamps
  • • 3 Hour Charge Time
  • • Operating Voltage: 120V AC
  • • Not Fan-Cooled
  • • Weight: 3.5 lb

The Vagabond Mini Lithium Portable Battery is a complete system for on-the-go AC power. It is equipped with an inverter and battery which will charge in 3 hours and last through up to 250 full-powered flashes up to 1280W/s in strength (up to 500 full-powered flashes on an approximately 600W/s strobe). Everything is encased in a strong, flame retardant housing . You can plug in two AC power cords and one USB cord into the Mini at one time. You can also use it with grounded power strips, though the more flashes you have connected to the Mini at one time, the slower your recycle time will be (up to 7 seconds between takes). This portable battery is ideal for all on-location shooting, though use in rainy weather is not recommended.