GoPro Extreme Camera Helmet Package

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Verification Required. This item requires an existing 3rd party insurance policy or a deposit on file.

Notes: The GoPro has built-in WiFi. We are not responsible for any WiFi failures or issues with router configurations. Please refer to GoPro support for programming details.

WiFi password is blgoprohero. Please do not change the password. Any password changes will result in a $30 processing fee.

Rental Includes:
  • (1) Helmet with 10 Mounts
  • (10) GoPro Hero 3
  • (10) Mount Arms of Varying Lengths
  • (10) Micro SD Cards
  • (1) WiFi Remote

  • • GoPro Video Capture: 4k @12 FPS / 2.7k @30 FPS / 1440p @48 FPS / 1080p @60 FPS / 960p @100 FPS /720p @120 FPS
  • • GoPro Still Capture: 5, 7 & 12MP with 30 FPS Burst
  • • Total Weight: Your Chiropractor Wouldn't Approve

The GoPro Extreme Camera Helmet Package is the latest in skull-based capturing technology. With 10 GoPros and 10 Micro SD cards, you can get a 360º view of whatever space you are in - just don't come crying to us when it's time to edit the footage. The articulating arms allow for positioning of all or some of the cameras in any angle, including the option of having one right in front of your face because, clearly, you need that. The GoPro Extreme Camera Helmet Package is ideal for sports, events, parties, showing off, getting attention, and acquiring neck pain.