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Nodal Ninja 3 w/ R-D3L 6-8-30 Rotator

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NN3 with R-D3L 6-8-30 Rotator with built in EZ-Leveler-II.

Great solution for those needing a leveling device. This exclusive design combines the NN3 with the a built in EZ-Leveler-II.
User can select between 3 detent intervals - 6, 8 or 30 stops (60, 45, 10 degrees). This is very creatively designed product, now you change your detents or clicks stops on-the-fly quickly and easily by simply flipping a lever. Users can also now adjust and fine tune their leveling through the use of 3 easy to turn adjustment knobs. Unlike leveling using ball head or tripod legs, leveling remains stationary after each adjustment.

The Nodal Ninja 3 series pano heads are best suited for those on the go, a popular choice for Real Estate photographers, hobbyists, hikers and travelers alike. Use for single row and even multi-row. Produce stunning super high resolution panoramas with your point and shoot camera or smaller DSLR with lightweight lens. You can also mount your camera in both landscape (horizontal) and portrait (vertical) orientation.

Benefits of Rotator R-D3L 6-8-30 with built in new EZ-Leveler-II

  • 3 selectable detent interval options. Customers can select either a combination of 6, 8, 30 stops (60, 45, 10 degrees).
  • Detent interval can be changed in seconds by a simple flip of one of three detent levers.
  • This rotator allows you to adjust the "zero" angle position (level) quickly and easy by the coordinated turning of three leveling knobs.
  • Without moving the tripod, you can point NN in any direction. Many users like to take their shot pointing North for easier reference or when geotagging your images.
  • Compact and light weight. Probably this is the most compact and light weight rotator with leveling base built-in a mere 350g and a minimum height of 49.5mm.

Technical Specifications
Weight: 795gr (1lb 12oz)
Lower Assembly: L 150mm (6") x 85m (3 3/8") x 60mm (2.25")
Upper Assembly: 160mm (6 1.4") x 35mm (1.5"") x 55mm (2 1/8") with Camera Plate
Unit weight: (including case) 755g, 1Lb 10oz
Material = Anodized aluminum
Base Color = Non-glare black
Mounting threads = 3/8 (3/8 - 1/4 thread adpater included)
Maximum angle of adjustment = 5 degrees
Load Limit = 3.5kg (7 lbs)
Lower Rotator diameter = 73mm
Leveler max diameter = 93mm
Maximum angle of adjustment: 5 degrees.

Package includes:
NN3 with R-D3L 6-8-10 Rotator with built in EZ-Leveler-II.
Hard shelled carry case with dual zippers
2nd generation Camera Mounting Plate (CP-2)