Zacuto Z-Drive & Tornado Grip Follow Focus Kit

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Notes: This rig is compatible with the Zacuto Recoil and other over-the-shoulder style Zacuto rig setups. The Z-Drive Follow Focus is NOT compatible with matte boxes when working shoulder-mounted.


  • • Horn-Shaped Tornado Grip
  • • Whip Port for Connection with Z-Drive Follow Focus
  • • A Single 15mm Rod Hole
  • • Marking Disc for Distance Marks/Repeatable Focus Pulls
  • • 4 Modes and Adjustable for All Lenses

The Zacuto Z-Drive & Tornado Grip Follow Focus Kit is a direct drive follow focus setup that is designed with single operator shoulder-mounted rigs in mind. To operate, slide the Tornado grip into the Z-Drive whip port by pushing down on the round plunger and pushing the Tornado into the port. Grab the horn handle and turn to focus. The curve of the Z-Drive in conjunction with the ergonomics of the Tornado grip allows for comfortable and quick operation without additional assistance. It is particularly suited for the Zacuto Recoil but will work with any Zacuto shoulder-mounted rig. The Z-Drive can also be used with a standard follow focus whip on a tripod allowing for last-minute rig switch-ups on set.