Zacuto RED Recoil Kit for Epic/Scarlet

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Notes: This kit is designed to be used with the Red Epic and Scarlet cameras. You can, however, remove the rod riser to adapt this kit for use with the Canon C100/C300/C500.

Rental Includes:

  • • Zgrips V3
  • • QR Shoulder Pad
  • • Studio Baseplate with (2)12" Rods for RED Epic/Scarlet
  • • Rod Risers for RED Epic/Scarlet
  • (2)3/8” 16 Screws and (2) 3/8” 16 Screws
  • (2)Female/Female 4.5" Front Rods
  • • Dovetail Plate


  • • 12" Long 15mm Rods
  • • Baseplate Side Holes for Use with EVF
  • • Standard ¼” 20 and 3/8” 16 Holes
  • • Form-Fitting Akton Polymer Gel Pad
  • • Quick-Release Arms

The Zacuto RED Recoil Kit for Epic/Scarlet features an exceptionally flat baseplate that helps keep the center of gravity low and also sports a curved, padded shoulder pad system that comes with a dovetail plate compatible with Kessler or Really Right Stuff quick release plates. The handgrips are fully articulating and can handle an incredible amount of pressure. The arms quick-release off, which is handy for travel. You can quickly reposition the rods on the baseplate and also position the dovetail plate on sliders to position the shoulder pad for maximum comfort. This kit is designed for use with the RED Epic/Scarlet in a traditional ENG-style setup. The rod riser gives you the correct rod height to add a follow focus and matte box to this kit.