Rig Features:

  • • In-line Shoulder Mounted Kit
  • • For Sony FS100/700 Camcorder
  • • Z-Spacer / Shoulder Pad
  • • Zgrips V3 Hand Grips
  • • Z-Focus
  • • Zacuto Z-Finder EVF Pro with Clamp

The Zacuto FS100/FS700/F3 Shoulder-Mounted Support System is an in-line shoulder-mounted kit that allows you to use the Zacuto EVF with the EVF Rod Mount. Designed for use with the Sony FS100, FS700 and F3 camcorders. A Universal Baseplate and a Z-Spacer form the base of this kit and allow you to mount the camcorder. The Baseplate can be balanced on the tripod as well as for balancing the camera. Using the adjustment features, you can align the camera with matte boxes and follow focus units.