Schneider Cine-Xenar III Cinema Lens Set (EF Mount)

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Note: These lenses are designed for Super 35mm size sensors
and features an image circle of 31mm. Will NOT provide
complete coverage on full frame sensor cameras.


The Schneider Cine-Xenar III Set (EF Mount) includes
6 high-end Scheider Cine-Xenar III lenses covering a variety of
focal ranges suitable for cinema production. All lenses combine
the great low light capabilities, superb image quality and sturdy
construction. Each lens features an 18 blade iris and
a manual focus ring.

Package Includes:

Scheider Cine-Xenar III 18mm/T2.2 (EF Mount)

Scheider Cine-Xenar III 25mm/T2.2 (EF Mount)
Scheider Cine-Xenar III 35mm/T2.1 (EF Mount)
Scheider Cine-Xenar III 50mm/T2.0 (EF Mount)
Scheider Cine-Xenar III 75mm/T2.0 (EF Mount)
Scheider Cine-Xenar III 95mm/T2.0 (EF Mount)

Schneider Cine Xenar III from Schneider Optics