Giottos MH-1002 Mini Ballhead

Giottos MH-1002 Mini Ballhead
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  • Product Details
  • • Ball Head Height: 3.0"
  • • Ball Head Load: 6.6 lbs.
  • • Ball Head Weight: 0.54lbs.
  • • Tension Control: No
  • • Safety Auto Lock: No
  • • Separate Panning Lock: No
  • • Tripod Mount Thread Size: 3/8

The Giottos MH-1002 ballhead is a very small, very light ballhead -- it weighs just half a pound! But don't let its small size fool you -- its surprisingly strong and rigid. We wouldn't be mounting any telephotos to this anytime soon but it can support around 6lbs, which is a decent amount of weight considering its small size (it's really, really small).

If you're looking for the ultimate lightweight travel combo, pair this ballhead with the Induro CT014 travel tripod.