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The Edelkrone 3' SliderPLUS Pro has a unique design that allows it to have a sliding range of nearly 3' on a 2' frame, making it the ideal slider for travel. With traditional sliders, you're often limited to the amount of dolly in/out you can do, because the slider itself usually will end up in the shot eventually. With the SliderPLUS PRO, the rails are also retracting backwards with the camera, allowing for longer dolly in/out shots. Be sure to have on-hand a tripod to fully take advantage of this function of the slider.
  • • Slider
  • • 3/8th-16 Screw
  • • Travel Case
  • To fully take advantage of the slider mechanism that moves with the camera to give the slider a longer range of motion than the default size of the rail, the entire system needs to be mounted onto a tripod, which is not included. When mounted on a tripod, the movement of the base plate is restricted, causing the rails to move through the base plate in the same direction as the mounting plate. This uses the length of the rails twice, doubling the sliding range. Otherwise this slider will behave like an average 2' slider. Also note that the screw that comes with this slider is a popup screw that lives inside the carriage. Use a flathead or coin to pop it out.
  • • Length: 2'
  • • Load Capacity: 22 lbs
  • • Rail Mounting Hold Sizes: 3/8th-16
  • • Sliding Range: Just Under 3'
  • • Adjustable Feet
  • • Weight: Approximately 5 lbs