Zacuto DSLR Target Shooter Kit

Zacuto DSLR Target Shooter Kit
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Note: This stabilizer does not include a follow-focus mechanism. The gears that Zacuto offers have to be custom-cut for each lens, so we are unable to offer this accessory. If you have to have follow-focus please consider our Red Rock Micro stabilizers.

Product Description

The Target Shooter is Zacuto's lightest kit. It has three points of contact by having both hands on the camera and the gunstock in your chest. The entire kit is infinitely adjustable. You can add a fourth point of contact by adding a Z-Finder to the kit. 

The Gorilla Plate, included with the Target Shooter, attaches to the bottom of your camera using the standard tripod screw hole. The Gorilla plate has a 15mm hole in the bottom which allows you to attach the main rod for the Target Shooter. The rig can be freed from the Gorilla plate by flipping the red lever. A tripod plate can be installed on the Gorilla plate for quickly moving from handheld to tripod. 

The Target Shooter can not accommodate a follow focus or matte box as it does not have a baseplate. If you are going to be adding some weight to the front of the camera by using a large lens, we recommend going to the Fast Draw, which has a shoulder pad and counterbalance weight to properly balance the rig. If you want follow focus and a matte/barn door, please check out the Redrock Micro Cinema Bundle. If you're just looking for a follow focus mechanism we have the Eye Spy and the Captain Stubling.