Rig Features:

  • • DSLR Plate With No Rods
  • • Zgrip Handle With 1" Male Rod
  • • Z-ESM EVF Standard Mount and EVF
  • • 2" Male Rod
  • • Kickstand Stopper
  • • Z-SP1 Shoulder Pad with 7" Rods
  • • 3 x 4.5" Male Rods
  • • Z-Lite Double
  • • Z-MO-2 Z-Mount II
  • • T-Mount Rod Adapter
  • • Top Handle


The Zacuto Fee-N-G DSLR ENG-Style Camera Support Rig is ideal for handheld run-and-gun shooting. This lightweight and compact rig is compatible with all DSLRs. A camera level Zgrip attached to the front of the baseplate for precise movements. The EVF mount is compatible with any Electronic Viewfinder. The rig can stand on its own with the included built-in kickstand, keeping the rig level when placed on the ground.