Notes: This rig is compatible with the C300, the C500, and the C100. It is also compatible with the RED Scarlet and the RED Epic using the included rod adapters.


  • • C300 Studio Plate
  • • Set of V3 Grips
  • • Adjustable Shoulder pad
  • • Large Zacuto weight
  • • 15mm Screw Holes for Accessories
  • • 7 lb Counterbalance Weight Included
  • • Q-Release
  • • Zacuto Z-Finder EVF Pro with Clamp
  • • Z-Focus with extender
  • • Q-Mount
  • • Rod Adapters for use with Red Epic and Scarlet

The Zacuto Canon Cinema Shoulder Mount Rig is great for shoulder mounted shooting solution. Featuring a flat C300 Studio Baseplate, which has two 12" 15mm rods running through the length of the baseplate and a series of 15mm screw holes along each side of the baseplate for extensive accessory mounting options. It also has standard 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 holes on the bottom for mounting on a tripod.

This shoulder-mounted in-line system can be used on either the left or the right shoulder with equal comfort--perfect for ENG-style shooting. The included shoulder pad and 7-lb counterbalance weight make a fully balanced in-line rig--the weight can be moved forward and back on the rods for comfort. This rig is compatible with any 15mm accessories, such as a follow focus, monitor, etc.

This rig also lets you use Canon's C300 Grip on the Zgrips, from farther than normally possible. The C300 Grip is a button-equipped hand controller that comes with the C300 cinema camera. It lets you control the camera's functions. In use with the Zgrips and the Relocator, the C300 Grip attaches onto the side of the Relocator, and a 24" cable that's already built into the Relocator will snake up a rod of the Zgrips and will connect to the C300 camera.