Cinevate Proteus Adjustable Baseplate

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The Proteus 15mm Rail Camcorder Baseplate from Cinevate allows you to easily use your video camcorder with 15mm rail systems. The base plate ejects straight up and offers a multitude of configurations, none of which protrude below the rails. Height, XY adjustment, rake angle and placement of the rails blocks are all variable. The adjustable height is more readily useable with compact camcorders like the Sony NEX-FS100. The Proteus Quick-Release System ships with a Manfrotto 501 sliding plate (which works with Manfrotto 501 and 503 tripod heads), two carbon fiber rails, and a sturdy tripod mounting plate.

This can be used with other 15mm rail systems such as the Eye Spy and Cinema Bundles for a variety of configurations.

  • • Manfrotto 501 sliding plate
  • (2) Solid carbon 15mm 17" rods
  • • Tripod mounting plate
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