Profoto 4' x 6' Softbox

Profoto 4x6’ Softbox
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Notes: This softbox is rod-based and requires a speedring to hold its shape and mount to a strobe, which is NOT included.

Rental includes:
  • (1) 4' x 6' Softbox
  • (1) Outer Diffuser
  • (1) Inner Diffuser
  • (4) Rods

  • • Large and All Encompassing
  • • Double Layer Diffusers
  • • Silver Interior
  • • Compatible with Most Speedrings

The Profoto 4' x 6' Softbox connects to a speedring (not included) via included rods and the pair are then connected to a flash/strobe for light shaping. The 4 x 6’ rectangular softbox is ideal for creating a wall of light, either as a glowing backdrop, lighting larger groups, or creating very soft light for one person. It is rugged enough to be used outdoors but note that the large size will be troublesome in windy weather.