Pocket Wizard MiniTT1 Radio Slave Transmitter for Nikon i-TTL

PocketWizard MiniTT1 Radio Slave Transmitter for Nikon i-TTL
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Important Note:  A CR2450 battery is included, but we cannot guarantee longevity of battery life. If new battery is needed, please purchase separately.  

Important Note: This is one unit only. A minimum of two Pocket Wizard units are required, unless you are using this item in conjunction with a light meter or strobe with a built-in Pocket Wizard transmitter/receiver. Also, when ordering a standalone Pocket Wizard please specify what type of sync cable you need for your lighting setup. If you do not know, please list what kind of lights you will be attaching each Pocket Wizard to and we will include the right cable for you.

Product Features
The PocketWizard TT1 Radio Slave Transmitter goes on your camera and sends Nikon's i-TTL metering information wirelessly to other Nikon speedlights that have a Pocket Wizard Flex TT5 attached to them. If you use a regular Pocket Wizard no i-TTL information will be received.

The TT1 includes a pass-through hotshoe, so you can mount a speedlight on it to combine off-camera flash with on-camera flash. It also does not require line of sight to work so you can put your lights around corners or even out in the bright sunlight.


  • Operating Range: 800' (240 m)
  • Channels: 52 channels on 26 frequencies
  • Maximum Flash Synchronization Speed: 1/8000
  • Power Source: CR2450 battery (included)

For more information please visit the product page at this link.