PocketWizard Plus III Transceiver

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Notes: Two AA batteries are required per PocketWizard. They are not included in the rental.
- This is one unit only. A minimum of two PocketWizard units are required for triggering, unless you are using this item in conjunction with a light meter or strobe with a built-in radio transmitter/receiver.
- To use PocketWizards with a Quantum Instruments Qflash T5D or T4D be sure to request the 1/8th-to-AC sync cable.
- Please select what type of sync cable you need for your lighting setup. Unless otherwise requested, you will receive a 1/8th-to-PC sync cable.

  • • Operating range: 1640'
  • • 32 channels
  • • 1-16 standard channels
  • • 17-32 selective Quad-zone triggering channels
  • • Reverse compatible with all PocketWizard radios using Standard or Quad-Zone triggering channels
  • • Maximum flash synchronization speed: 1/250 (focal plane shutter), 1/500 (leaf shutter)
  • • Power source: 2x AA 1.5v batteries (not included)

The PocketWizard Plus III is a radio triggering transceiver/receiver for remote firing of flashes and strobes. With 32 channels and the ability to fire 4 zones of flashes from 1 position, the Plus III improves on its predecessor, the PocketWizard Plus II, in speed, range, and build and is compatible with older models of PocketWizard. Performance-enhancing features includes Long Range Mode (up to 1640 feet) and Repeater Mode, which allows you to send a repeating signal between two PocketWizards in challenging environments. The new High-Speed Receive mode increases the trigger rate from 12 FPS to 14.5 FPS. The PocketWizard Plus III also features a new internal antenna within a durable casing and a 1" black-lit LCD panel. Two new AA batteries (not included) will run the Plus III for about 50 hours.