Olympus ZUIKO DIGITAL 35-100mm f/2.0

Olympus ZUIKO DIGITAL 35-100mm f/2.0
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  • Focal Length: 35-100mm
  • Maximum Aperture: f/2
  • Minimum Focusing Distance: 4.6'
  • Angle of View: 34 - 12°
  • Filter Size: 77mm
  • Length: 8.4"
  • Weight: 3.8lbs


Lens rental package includes: Front cap, rear cap, hood, and UV filter.

The Olympus ED 35-100mm F2.0 is the first large-aperture telephoto zoom lens capable of providing a fast, constant F2.0 aperture through the entire zoom range. It is equivalent to 70-200mm on a 35mm camera, and covers from medium-telephoto range of natural angles to telephoto area with a compressed perspective effect. Its fast shutter-speeds and beautifully soft out-of-focus image behind the main subject are an ideal for portrait, theatrical and sports shooting under the low-light. Luxurious optical glass elements, such as, four ED lenses and one super ED lens are used to give the highest image quality with optimal resolution and contrast.