PocketWizard Plus X Transceiver

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Notes: This is one unit only. A minimum of two PocketWizard units are required for triggering, unless you are using this item in conjunction with a light meter or strobe with a built-in radio transmitter/receiver. To use PocketWizards with a Quantum Instruments Qflash T5D or T4D be sure to request the 1/8th-to-AC sync cable.

Please select what type of sync cable you need for your lighting setup. Unless otherwise requested, you will receive a 1/8th-to-PC sync cable.

Two AA batteries are required per PocketWizard, which are NOT included


  • • Combination Transmitter and Receiver
  • • 10 Channels with Backlit Channel Dial
  • • Auto-Sensing Transceiver
  • • Auto-Relay and Transmit Only Modes
  • • Side View Design and Internal Antenna
  • • Full PocketWizard Compatibility


The PocketWizard Plus X Transceiver is the latest incarnation of the venerable PocketWizard accessory. Offering 10 standard channels for use, with navigation between these channels easily controlled by a backlit channel dial. These 10 channels are fully backward-compatible with all other PocketWizard radios and PocketWizard-enabled devices for maximum efficiency with existing radio setups. Auto-Sensing technology, Auto-Relay Mode, an internala antenna, and simplified connectivity ensures easy attachment and a completely remote workflow. Not to mention it's the lowest priced PocketWizard in history.

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website