Schneider 90mm f/4.5 Tilt-Shift Lens for Nikon

Schneider 90mm f/4.5 Tilt-Shift Lens for Nikon
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Notes: This is a manual focus only lens for full frame cameras.

Rental Includes:

  • • Front Cap
  • • Rear Cap
  • • Tripod Collar
  • Specifications:

  • • Focal Length: 90mm
  • • Maximum Aperture: f/4.5
  • • F Mount
  • • 22.44” Minimum Focusing Distance
  • • 12mm Shift Range, 8º Tilt Range
  • • MF Only
  • • Length: 5.46”
  • • Weight: 2.44 lbs
  • The Schneider 90mm f/4.5 Tilt-Shift Lens for Nikon gives you the same control enjoyed by large format shooters but is compatible with conventional F mount Nikon cameras. With this lens you can control the perspective by shifting to eliminate distortion and converging lines. You can also tilt the lens for better use of depth-of-field without an increase in diffraction (light dispersing when passing through a small opening that results in softer images). The shift and tilt can be used independently or in concert with each other in any direction thanks to this lens' rotary mounts and there is no vignetting (note that this lens is for full frame cameras only). This lens is ideal for architectural scenes, fine art, landscape/cityscape shooting, and real estate photography. It can also be used effectively in portraiture.

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