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The Eye-Fi Pro X2 features 8gb of memory with the option to unlimited memory, meaning your only memory limitation is how much room you have on the computer you are wirelessly uploading to. This stamp sized SDHC card can wirelessly transmit your photos and video through your wi-fi network for backup and storage or for live streaming onto the internet. You can effortlessly share your photos through websites suchas Flickr, Picasa and YouTube. The card is great for the time pressed journalist that has a tight deadline to meet, for any photography job where time is tight and the photos have to be fresh, this is the memory card for you. Additionally, this card allows for Geotagging.
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  • • Class 6
  • • High Performance
  • • Ideal for High Megapixel Cameras
  • • Upload RAW Photos to Any Folder
  • • Lifetime, Automatic Geotagging
  • • Set Up Takes Just Minutes

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