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Giga Pan EPIC Pro Robotic Camera Mount

Giga Pan EPIC Pro Robotic Camera Mount
7 Days
Retail: $895.00
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Reserved until : September 10?
The last reservation of this item will conclude on September 10. For rentals that require shipping or a pickup at a non-headquarter location, please select a later date for your arrival. Headquarter offices are the only locations that can accept a same-day reservation, as transit time is not calculated in this date.
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The EPIC Pro Robotic Camera Mount from GigaPan is a unique camera mount that empowers most DSLR cameras with the ability to capture gigapixel (one billion pixels) panoramic images with phenomenally high resolution, depth and clarity. It will support camera and lens combinations weighing up to 10 lb (4.5 kg), is easy to use and remarkably efficient.

Simply set the corners of the panorama you want to capture using the LCD interface. The built-in software works out how many photos your camera will need to take, hundreds or even thousands. Then the EPIC Pro begins snapping the photos, automatically organizing them in overlapping rows and columns.

For a list of compatible cameras visit this link. For a guide on how to use the Gigapan follow this link.

There is no rental information for this product.
For software use, GigaPan encourages downloading the fully functioning Stitch or Stitch.Efx software as a 14 day free trial. The software can be downloaded here. Once you upload your images they can be made public or private, and can be embedded in a user's website with full zoom/pan compatibility. If you do not want to use the Gigapan software you can stitch the images and export them as a TIFF or Adobe RAW file for editing, printing, etc.
There are no specs for this product.
There is no manual for this product.