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Elinchrom Octa Light Bank - 74"

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Please Note: This modifier has a permanent Elinchrom mount, and, as such, can only be used with Elinchrom strobes. It will mount directly to BXRi and RX style strobe units and does not require a speedring rental. It can also be mounted to Quadra units, but requires an adapter. This unit is made to be mounted directly to a light stand with a standard stud and you then mount your strobe to the modifier. It is recommended that you use a full-size light-stand and sand-bag one leg for stability. A light stand is not included with this rental.


This 74" diameter parabolic octa bank allows you to mount your Elinchrom strobe head/monolight at the focal-point of the reflector so that it points back into the unit and lights the subject indirectly. This provides an even illumination across the the front diffusion panel which varies no more than 1/3 of a stop over the entire surface. Remove the diffusion for a crisper light source which still gives a pleasingly soft shadows when used close to the subject as the large size of the unit provides a wraparound effect.

For further information, please visit the manufacturer's website.