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The Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 15mm/T2.9 Cine Lens (MFT Mount) combines the sharp resolution, high contrast, low distortion and perfect color rendition of Zeiss lenses with the cinematic features of professional video lenses. The huge bonus is that the unique and precise 14 blade iris aperture is consistently round and symmetrical. This means you can smoothly move from a low T-stop to a high T-stop while shooting video without the flicker you will get from regular lenses.

The CP.2 15 is designed to shoot wide angles in tight spaces. It's a rectilinear flat field lens that does extremely well in the distortion area, minimizing it to almost non-existence and producing razor-sharpness to the very edges of a frame, even on full frame sensor cameras.

Zeiss lenses are some of the most strong and durable lenses in the market. The smooth and very detailed focus ring has a longer rotation which makes for smooth follow focusing while shooting. The manual focus ring is bracketed enabling you to connect this lens to Red Rock follow focus systems without the need of follow focus rings.

This lens works fine with full frame digital sensors.

Rental Includes:
  • • Front cap
  • • Rear cap

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  • • Super Wide Distagon 15mm Cine Prime Lens
  • • Body Markings in Feet
  • • Extremely Minimal Distortion
  • • Full Frame Coverage of 24 x 36 Sensors
  • • Interchangeable Mount System
  • • 300° Manual Focus Rotation
  • • Focal Length: 15mm
  • • Aperture: T/2.9 -22
  • • Minimum Focusing Distance: 12"
  • • Weight: 2 lbs
There is no manual for this product.