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Product Description

Nodal Ninja is a specially designed panoramic tripod head crafted to meet specific needs of the panoramic photographer. If you are looking to seamlessly stitch panoramas free of parallax while simplifying your workflow then you've come to the right place. This award-winning lightweight panoramic tripod heads are precision built to do just that. And being universal they will work with just about any camera and lens.

Once a camera is properly mounted on a pano head the photographer is able to take multiple images, horizontally and/or vertically, without any subsequent parallax error. Parallax, simply put, is the apparent shifting of objects in the foreground to the background. There is a point inside every lens called the No Parallax Point (NPP). The proper technical term is "entrance pupil" but many refer the NPP as the nodal point, hence Nodal Ninja. Eliminating parallax is key when needing to "seamlessly" stitch adjoining images together to form a single composite.

Upper Rotator Assembly Features:

    • Accommodating larger cameras like the Nikon D3 or Canon MKIII and cameras with battery grips.
    • Allows the use of larger lenses like 17-40mm or 70-200mm F2.8.
    • Upper rotator with 2.5 degree marking, good for making high resolution mosaics.
    • Upper rotator 15 degree lock stops detachable "on the fly".
    • Supports approx 10kgs (22lbs)
    Lower R-D16 Rotator Features:
    No more need for skipping detent interval. Ideal for pressurized situations in which shooting must be completed quickly, such as in changing lighting. No more missing photos due to mistake in skipping.
    Features you'll find in this new class of rotators.
    • Made from imported premium quality aluminum alloy.
    • Precision CNC machined components
    • Lubricated bearings for smooth rotation
    • Laser engraved marking
    • Detent interval option can be changed on the fly.
    • More than 10 kg (22lbs) loading supported.
    • Detent interval can be changed in seconds on the fly
    • Knob for locking rotation
    • Retainer wire so you don't lose the knobs
    • Ideal for making HDR panos and/or mosaics
    • Great in windy locations.
    • Small nadir footprint diameter of 62mm provides greater precision and stability.
    • The unique placement of knobs means that they will never appear in the spherical panos.
    • Fine 2.5 degree rotation markings for making high resolution mosaics.
    • Compact and light weight - only 453 grams with rail
    • 16 different degree stop increments (with equivalent number of stops around) include:
      • 3.75 (96 stops)*
      • 5 (72 stops)*
      • 6 (60 stops)*
      • 7.5 (48 stops)
      • 10 (36 stops)
      • 12 (30 stops)
      • 15 (24 stops)
      • 18 (20 stops)*
      • 20 (18 stops)
      • 24 (15 stops)
      • 30 (12 stops)
      • 36 (10 stops)
      • 45 (8 stops)
      • 60 (6 stops)
      • 90 (4 stops)
      • 120 (3 stops)
        • *requires dual detent plungers

Technical Specifications

You can see the detailed technical specifications on the Manufacturer site here .

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