Think Tank Airport International V2.0 Rolling Camera Bag

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Notes: This bag is International and USA carry on size but please always check with your carrier beforehand for specific restrictions, especially regarding weight. This bag comes with a lot of small parts (please see the Rental Includes section for a complete list).

Please see these instructions for using the monopod straps, laptop lock, and bag locks.

Locks must be reset prior to rental return and failure to do so may result in a fee. To reset your locks: Turn the dials to your combination. Press down the Reset Button with a pen until you hear a “click”. Turn dials to 0-0-0.

Rental Includes:

  • • Front Cable Lock (Not TSA approved. Check with carrier prior to using.)
  • • Rear Security Lock
  • • Main Security Lock
  • • Rain sleeve and pouch
  • (3) Monopod straps
  • • Monopod holster
  • • (3) Long pads
  • • (2) Medium pads
  • • (15) Small pads


  • • Exterior Size: 14” Wide x 21” Tall x 8” Deep
  • • Telescoping handle extends to 43”
  • • Front pocket accommodates 15” laptops
  • • TSA approved locks
  • • Two wheels
  • • Weight: 11.5lbs (with all accessories)

The Think Tank Airport International V2.0 Rolling Camera Bag offers the greatest interior capacity while maintaining the proper exterior dimensions for carry on restrictions for most airlines. This robust, heavily-padded bag can carry up to two pro size DSLRS and 4-7 standard lenses or up to a 500mm f/2.8 lens and body/accessories. It tilt-rolls on two wheels, has a fold-away handle, fused zippers (sewing thread is melted with the plastic coil for abrasion resistance), and easy-to-clean interior pockets.
Note that the included locks must be reset prior to rental return (instructions above).