Kessler 3' CineSlider with Kessler Parallax System

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Notes: A fluid tripod head is required and NOT INCLUDED. This slider has a flat mount adapter that screws into the dolly carriage, which has ⅜”-16 and 1/4"-20 threaded holes. This is a package where you get the slider in addition to the slider add-on. The slider add-on consists of a parallax bar and a panning camera platform. The slider itself is the Kessler 3' CineSlider. With this rental you receive both. See the Kessler 3' CineSlider rental if you want the slider without the parallax bar and panning platform. Some of the screws that come with this kit are custom and loss of screws may result in a fee. Also, this slider is compatible with our ElektraDrive 200 Kit.

Rental Includes:
  • • Parallax Bar
  • • Panning Platform
  • • 3' Kessler CineSlider
  • (2) 1/4”-20 Custom Countersunk Screws
  • (2)1/4”-20 Countersunk Screws
  • • Rail Stop Accessory
  • • Travel Case

  • • Length: 3'
  • • Load Capacity: 35lb (Center-Mounted)/80lbs (Fully Supported)
  • • Rail Mounting Hold Sizes: 1/4th-20 and 3/8th-16
  • • Handle Arc Adjustment: 3-6"
  • • Drag Control, Panning
  • • Adjustable Hand Crank
  • • Weight: Approximately 12lbs

The Kessler 3' CineSlider with Kessler Parallax System is a heavy-duty, portable, mini-dolly slider system for camera rigs up to 80lb. It is robust with guarded side rails for added protection and Outrigger Feet that are individually adjustable for uneven terrain. It features an adjustable arc diameter handle, drag control, and compatibility with heads and accessories with 3/8th-16 mounting screws. This slider provides smooth dolly movements and is ideal for on-location filmmaking and time lapse projects. It also includes a Kessler Parallax system, which provides automatic panning and fixed-point shooting capabilities to your Kessler 3' CineSlider. This allows you to add a unique Parallax effect or Travel Pan move for sweeping landscapes or interiors both vertically and horizontally.