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Rental Package Includes: Camera, PL mount adapter, stereo microphone, battery, charger, IR remote, USB cable, strap, 3 Sony lenses


The Sony F3K Lens Package includes a professional digital cinematography video camera that delivers a gorgeous shallow depth of field and impressive low light performance with it's large Super 35mm CMOS sensor and 3 Sony Prime lenses. The F3 is an amazing camera on its own, however when used with the included S-Log Gamma software, this camera rivals Hollywood film cameras and includes complete compatibility with cine-style film lenses and consistency of vision for cinematographers who prefer shooting on 35mm film. The F3 uses flash-memory to capture video onto SxS memory cards for continuous recording or HD-SDI output ports for an external recorders such as the AJA Ki Mini Pro.  

Package Includes

Sony F3L Camera

Sony Prime 35mm T2.0 PL Lens

Sony Prime 50mm T2.0 PL Lens

Sony Prime 85mm T2.0 PL Lens