This is a tripod and fluid head system from Manfrotto that is extremely solid and combines the 546 legs with the monstrous 504HDV head. It's a very well-built, solid setup that allows for extremely precise tripod movement regardless of how much gear you are working with.

The Manfrotto 546B Pro Video tripod is a very solid, easy-to-use tripod system that is capable of supporting up to 44lbs. It is made from aluminum and features a two-stage leg system with a mid-level telescopic spreader to keep the legs in place at all times. The spiked feet include rubber overhsoes so you can set it down on uneven terrain or smooth surfaces.

The Manfrotto 504HD Fluid Video Head is a huge fluid head from Manfrotto with a long, wide mounting plate that allows for amazingly smooth movement of any size camera, whether camcorder or DSLR. It features a four-stop counterbalance that lets you dial in the perfect amount of drag. Other features include an illuminated spirit level, a ball bearing drag system, and disc brakes to ensure the head stays put when at rest. It is rated to hold up to 16.5lbs.