Redrock Micro "Captain Stubling" DSLR Bundle

Redrock Micro "Captain Stubling" DSLR Bundle
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Important: The Captain Stubling CANNOT be attached to a tripod.

Product Description
The Captain Stubling is the smallest Redrock Micro rig we carry, and thus can be squeezed into very tight spaces. It's a handheld rig with one hand on the support grip and the other hand on the follow focus mechanism. Like all Redrock rigs it is heavily customizable in terms of how you can position the handles, camera, follow focus, etc. All the pieces that comprise it are removable and adjustable. (Cameras using battery grips and taller camera bodies like the Nikon D3s, D4 and Canon 1D Mark IV and 1DX should use the Redrock Micro Riser to ensure proper alignment with accessories.)

Kit includes:

  • DSLR baseplate
  • handlebar clamp
  • 1x 4" handlebar rod
  • 1x 4" rod grip
  • 2x blue hand grips
  • 2x 9" 15mm carbon fiber rods
  • microFollowFocus v2
  • 3x microLensGear in A, B, C sizes (more gears can be ordered separately)

Redrock Micro focus rings

The Captain Stubling includes a set of three micro-focus rings that fit a wide variety of lenses. The different sizes are denoted by the letters A, B, and C. The rings go around the focus ring on the lens and allow the follow focus mechanism to work. You might want to order an optional second or third focus ring so that you can quickly and easily swap lenses on the unit, instead of taking the lense off, removing the focus ring, attaching it to the new lens, etc. If you need the large D-ring (for lenses such as the Canon 100-400mm) please indicate it in the notes as it is NOT INCLUDED by default. For information regarding the various focus ring sizes please see this link at the Redrock Micro site.

Technical Specifications

You can see the detailed technical specifications on the Manufacturer site here.