Cinevate Atlas 10 FLT DSLR Slider 26"

Cinevate Atlas 10 FLT DSLR Slider 26"
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NOTE: A fluid tripod head is required and NOT INCLUDED.


The Atlas 10 FLT DSLR Slider 26"
is a light-weight, compact linear tracking system. The Atlas 10 FLT is a full ball bearing linear tracking system encased with black satin anodized steel construction to protect the rails from damage, ensuring smooth, seemless movement. Designed to support DSLR camera rigs up to 20 lbs, the Atlas 10 FLT can be mounted to a tripod using one of the 7 mounting options.

The system includes four all-terrain adjustable legs for ground movement.

Click here for a video example from the makers of the Cinevate. For a more detailed product description, including additional specifications, please visit the manufacturer's website.

This system DOES NOT include the vertical kit.