AlienBees LS1100 Backlight Stand

AlienBees LS1100 Backlight Stand
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Note: This is a very lightweight stand and it intended to hold only smaller strobes and flash units.

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  • • Minimum Height: 17.25”
  • • Maximum Height: 40”
  • • Maximum Footprint: 19”
  • • Collapsed Length: 16.75”
  • • 3 Sections
  • • Load Weight: 6 lbs
  • • Weight: 2 lbs

The AlienBees LS1100 Backlight Stand is the perfect stand for backlights and is ideal for lighting a backdrop as well. You can hide a flash unit on the backlight stand directly behind your subject to light your backdrop or cast a rim light on your subject. It is also suitable for lighting very small subjects. It is a very lightweight stand that is perfect for travel but does not have a very large footprint and can easily tip over. Please use caution when using strobes on this stand. It is advised that only flashes and strobes under 6 lbs be used with this stand.