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Custom Brackets Gimbal Head with Arca-Type Quick Release Base (Requires Plate)

Custom Brackets Gimbal Head with Arca-Type Quick Release Base (Requires Plate)
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This Gimbal design with a horizontal swinging arm is especially useful for large telephoto lenses, like a 400mm f/2.8, 500mm f/4, or 600mm f/4 lens. It allows the entire weight of the camera and lens combination to be hung rather than balanced. By re-orienting the mounting clamp to a horizontal position (rather than vertical side-mount), it allows for a much easier way of installing the lens. In addition, it removes all the shear stress from the lens-collar on telephoto lenses.

The Custom Brackets CB Gimbal is a gimbal-type tripod head that is similar to others in function, yet offers several innovative improvements. High-quality ball bearings used for the pan and tilt movement ensure smooth operation. This also means that the assembly never needs lubrication.

A convenient setup/travel knob allows for easy locking of the lens (for when used during pan only operation). It can also be used to lock the swinging arm in place when traveling or mounting a lens.

Additionally, the CB Gimbal includes drag control like you would find on a high-quality ballhead, letting you keep the head "loose" but with enough friction when panning to allow for precision. You will need an Arca-swiss baseplate for your lens to attach to the Gimbal head and we have either the Wimberly P40 or the GLM-2 from Custom Brackets.

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  • Weight: 3.4lbs. (lbs)
  • Tripod Mount Size -- 3/8in.
  • Load Capacity -- Any camera/lens combination
  • Quick-Release Type: Arca-Swiss (Built-in)
  • Spirit Level -- Yes
  • Tension control -- Yes
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