Profoto D4 2400 Air Power Supply

Profoto D4 2400 Air Power Supply
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Notes: This is a power supply denoting that it powers multiple flash heads via surge-protected, arc-proof proprietary plugs on a central box that connects to AC power via a power cord. This is NOT a portable battery unit for cordless strobe powering. This power supply is compatible with Profoto D4 heads, such as the Profoto 4800W/s D4/Acute 2 Flash Head or the Profoto 2400W/s D4/Acute 2 Ringflash Head, which are NOT included. This power supply is also compatible with the Pro 7 Plus flash head. Note also that you cannot mix Pro 7 Plus flash heads with D4/Acute 2 flash heads in the 200-240V setting, please use the 90-120V setting. This setting can be changed on the power supply itself if you want to mix these heads. Note again that old Pro (non Plus) heads may overheat on this power supply due to their inadequate fan speed.

Rental includes:
  • (1)Profoto D4 2400 Air Power Supply
  • (1)1/4-PC Sync Cable
  • (1)AC Power Cord

  • • Max Power: 2400W/s
  • • Recycle Time at 100%: .09-2.2 Seconds
  • • Power Range: Socket A & B= 18-2400W/s, Socket C = 18-1200W/s, Socket D = 18-600W/s (7.8 Stops Max Asymmetry in 1/10 Increments)
  • • Digital Display and Ready Beeps
  • • Modeling Lamp Dimming Capability (500W Max)
  • • Operating Voltage: Compatible with All AC Voltages from 90-240V
  • • Built-In Slave Cell for Air Remote, Radio, Optical, and Sync Cable (984’ Radio Range)
  • • Fan-Cooled
  • • Weight: 25 lbs

The Profoto D4 2400 Air Power Supply is a robust power supply with the ability to support up to 4 Profoto D4 flash heads, such as the Profoto 4800W/s D4/Acute 2 Flash Head or the Profoto 2400W/s D4/Acute 2 Ringflash Head. From this centralized box, you can control the power of up to 4 D4 heads with a total output of 2400W/s. The power supply allows you to connect your camera directly to it with a PC-in sync cable to fire the heads wirelessly or you can also use the Profoto Air Remote (not included) or rent a couple of Pocket Wizards and a 1/4-1/8 sync cable. You can easily control the power of each flash head via dials on the power supply which read out in either W/s or f/stops. You can also individually control the power of your modeling lamps. While the power is AC only, the voltage is compatible the world over making this a safe choice for on-location shooting. You can shoot from over 900’ away from the power supply and your lights, when using a radio trigger, can sync up to 1/1600th of a second - which is ideal for dimming down the ambient light and freezing action.