Batteries: Two AA batteries are required per PocketWizard and they are NOT included

Important Note: This is one unit only. A minimum of two PocketWizard units are required for triggering, unless you are using this item in conjunction with a light meter or strobe with a built-in radio transmitter/receiver. Please select what type of sync cable you need for your lighting setup. Unless otherwise requested, you will receive a 1/8th-to-PC sync cable.


Product Description

The Pocket Wizard MultiMAX features "Wireless Transceiver Technology", which eliminates the need for separate transmitter/receiver triggering configuration. Each MultiMAX provides the capability to send and receive digital signaling by a flip of a switch, similar to personal communicators.

Through its use of advanced transceiver technology, the MultiMAX offers true triggering confirmation feedback up to 1600 feet away without the need for signal repeaters or daisy-chained radios. In the "Selective Quad Triggering Mode", the MultiMAX automatically confirms (on the selected transmitter) every zone simultaneously, with immediate visual and audible feedback. Using the optional Flash Confirmation Cable, the transmitter receives a visual and audible signal, confirming that a triggered flash actually fires. Finally, there's a real confirmation system which reassures the photographer that everything is working.

Other standard features of the PocketWizard MultiMAX are up to 1600 foot triggering range, 32 digital 16/24 bit coded channels, 1/1000 flash sync speed (in fast mode), contact closure adjustment, trigger counter and much more. Also, Wireless enabling / disabling of camera pre-release setting has been added (and new cables for this pre-release feature).

Technical Specifications

You can see the detailed technical specifications on the Manufacturer site.

Kyle's review: This is the big gun of the pocket wizard line. The multimax gives you increased functionality over the plus II version. With this unit you get 8 times the number of privacy channels, allowing you to consistently trigger your flash even if you are in a crowd of photographers running pocket wizards. Combine two of these units with a lens rental and a flash unit like canon's 580EX II or one or more white lightning mono-blocks to get beautiful crisp images and total creative lighting control, without all the pesky wires that used to plague photographers wanting to experiment with lighting off-camera. Additionally, you can use either a Canon or Nikon compatible motor cord and set up a remote camera trigger system, which would allow you to shoot from multiple angles so you know for sure you got the shot. Using the above mentioned cords you can also control some amazing time lapse effects with this unit.