Nikon Lens to Canon Camera Adapter

Nikon Lens to Canon Camera Adapter
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Note: Please be very gentle when attaching/detaching your lens from this adapter. We will not be held responsible for any damage to your lens contacts that may arise from rough usage.

Product Description

The Nikon Lens to Canon Camera Adapter will let you mount any Nikon lens that is NOT a G-type lens to a Canon camera. For example you could mount a 50mm D lens to a 5D Mark II, if you were so inclined. Of course, since the lens and the camera are not actually communicating, you will have to shoot in full manual mode - manual focus, manual shutter speed and manual aperture too. This is why you have to use the older Nikon D lenses, since they have an adjustable aperture ring. If you want to use a G lens, you will need to use this adapter.