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Product Features

The California Sunbounce SUN-SWATTER PRO Kit swatts harsh light from the sun or any light source. With this kit you can eliminate harsh shadows on up to 3 people while walking with your talent.

This diffuser softens and reduces your light by approx. -2/3 f-stop (value measured directly behind the diffuser screen). The light/shadow contrast is optimally balanced, for example, you can now control runaway highlights, even in strongly-angled sun and the highest contrasts. You get an even base-light and can light from the shadows in portraits, for example, and achieve great image results. Or use a Sun-Bounce reflector to create light accents, however desired.

The frame is lightweight (less then 4 lbs) and can be attached to a tripod. The frame has a crossbar and built-in clamp and it can be held in many positions comfortably. The frame is easy and quick to assemble and is very stable in the windiest conditions. The whole kit fits nicely into a shoulder bag (included) for maximum mobility. The frame can be collapsed in seconds to fit into an aprrox. 6-8cm diameter bag.

The kit includes:

1- 4' x 6' Swatter Frame
1- 2/3 Stop Translucent Screen
1- Sunbounce Grip Head
1- Boom Arm
1- Carry Bag
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