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SunBounce - Mini kit 3'x4'

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Product Features

The California Mini Sun-Bounce Kit - Silver/White Screen (3x4') is a light shaping system with a collapsible aluminum frame and a reversible silver/white screen. The silver side is great for reflecting strong and high contrast light. The white side gives a soft and diffused light. You can use a flash, a high powered strobe or natural light to get the perfect lighting your photo requires.

The frame is lightweight (less then 4 lbs) and can be attached to a tripod. The frame has a crossbar and built-in clamp and it can be held in many positions comfortably. The frame is easy and quick to assemble and is very stable in the windiest conditions. The whole kit fits nicely into a shoulder bag (included) for maximum mobility.

See the Manufacturer's website for more details.

Technical Details

Dimensions: 3' x 4' (0.9 x 1.2 m)
Weight:        < 4lbs (1.8 kg)