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The Prodigi Color C-500 Color Meter is the first meter to read the spectral sensitivity of color film, CDCD (CCD), and CMOS sensors used in current digital still and DV cine cameras. In addition, the "R" model adds wireless triggering for your flash and camera. Measuring and displaying color temperature and compensation values in LB/CC index or filter numbers, the digital readings are based on human visual response enabling greater control over exposures.

Soft case and strap.
The C-500R model differs from the C-500 in that it also includes a wireless triggering module.

  • • Color meter with 4 internal sensors for digital or film.
  • • Rotating Head containing four filtered photo diodes under flat incident light receptor.
  • • Light Receiving Method: Incident light
  • • Receptor Incident Light: Flat diffusor (fixed type lumidisc)
  • • Light Receptor Element: Silicon photo diode (4 sensors) with visible transmitting filter
  • • Measurement Types: Digital Mode - Film Mode
  • • Measuring Modes Flash: wireless flash radio triggering system, without synchro cord, or with synchro cord.
  • • Measuring Range (ISO 100) Ambient Light: EV 3 to EV 16.3 (20 lux to 200,000 lux)
  • • Measuring Range (ISO 100) Flash: range low f/2.8 to f/22 (20 lux/s to 1300 lux/s) and range high f/16 to f/90.9 (640 lux/s to 38,000 lux/s)
  • • Measuring Range Illuminance: 2.50 to 61000lux - 0.23 to 56500FC
  • • Measuring Range Color Temperature: 2300K to 20000K
  • • Radio Triggering Channels: 1 to 16 channels standard, 17 to 32 "Quad Triggering"
  • • Radio Triggering Range: up to 100 feet from transmitter to receiver
  • • Weight: 0.40 lbs