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The QFlash T5D is a lightweight, powerful flash head that connects to a battery pack (such as the Turbo 2x2 battery, Turbo 3 battery, Lumedyne battery, or Bolt Cyclone battery) via a non-removable power cable connected to the flash. It fills the gap between a low-power flash gun and a high-powered strobe and is a popular choice for wedding and event photography due to its portability. It can be screwed directly onto a light stand and is fully tiltable. To be triggered by your camera, simply place a radio transmitter, such as a Pocket Wizard, on your camera's hot shoe and connect a second Pocket Wizard to the QFlash T5D via a 1/8th-to-AC cable, which can be requested when you order a Pocket Wizard. The QFlash can be used fully manually via the easy-to-read control panel on the flash head. This flash can be used in conjunction with other flash brands when all used in manual mode. The light is automatically diffused with the frosted front panel that also protects the bulb, which is placed inside a parabolic reflector for appealing, even light. Ideal for photographers who can't be anchored down by AC power cords and who do not need something as big as a strobe but need something a little stronger than the average flash gun.
  • • Flash Head Only - Additional Rental of Battery Pack and Radio Transmitter Recommended
  • • Non-Removable Cable for Flash Head that Connects to a Battery Pack (Battery Pack Not Included)
  • This flash does not mount onto a camera's hot shoe. A light stand, tripod, or camera bracket is recommended.This flash requires a Turbo 2x2 battery, Turbo 3 battery, Lumedyne battery, or Bolt Cyclone battery to power. To trigger this flash, you must also use a Pocket Wizard or equivalent radio transmitter along with a 1/8th-to-AC cable, which can be requested on the Pocket Wizard rental page.
  • • Max Power: 150 Ws
  • • Recycle Time at 100%: Approximately 2.5 Seconds
  • • Power Range: 1-1/64
  • • Warning: No High Speed Sync
  • • Weight: 26 oz (More When Coupled with Battery)
  • There is no manual for this product.