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Chimera 2' x 2.5' Video Pro Plus 1 Softbox

7 Days
Retail: $308.00
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Reserved until : February 11?
The last reservation of this item will conclude on February 11. For rentals that require shipping or a pickup at a non-headquarter location, please select a later date for your arrival. Headquarter offices are the only locations that can accept a same-day reservation, as transit time is not calculated in this date.
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The Chimera 2' x 2.5' Video Pro Plus 1 Softbox connects to an included speedring via rods and the modifier is then connected to a flash/strobe for light shaping, though it is designed specifically to be paired with the 650W Fresnel (not included). This softbox can withstand heat up to 1000 watts from continuous lighting and may be used with strobes of any watt-seconds rating. Its size keeps it portable and is ideal for shooting in small spaces.
  • • Chimera Full Front Diffusion Cloth with Touch Fastener
  • • ARRI Speedring for 650W Fresnel (Light Not Included)
  • • Chimera Softbox Rods
  • • Chimera Inner Baffle
  • • Carrying Case
  • • The Chimera softbox rods that come with this softbox are thicker than average rods and designed for the ARRI speedring (included) for the 650W Fresnel (not included). However, many have used this softbox with other speedring types – experiment at your own risk.
  • • Accommodates Hot Lights up to 1000 Watts
  • • Accepts Soft Grids (Not Included)
  • • Includes ARRI Speedring for 650W Fresnel
  • There is no manual for this product.