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Broncolor 1200W/s Senso Kit 22 (2 Head Kit)

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Notes: Please use the included sync cable to fire this light from your camera or use the included Broncolor RFS 2 Transmitter with the Senso's built-in radio receiver if your camera does not come equipped with a PC-in port. The Senso also fires optically with any flash. Also note this kit does NOT come with light stands and need to be rented separately.

Rental includes:
  • • Senso A2 1200 Ws Power Pack with 3 Flash Ports
  • • 1/8-to-PC Sync Cable (Long)
  • • 1/8-to-PC Sync Cable (Short)
  • (2) 1200 Ws Litos Flash Heads with 300 W Modeling Lamps
  • (1) Power Pack AC Cable
  • (1) Speedring
  • (2) Monolight Caps
  • (2) Reflectors
  • (1) 28" x 28" Softbox with Outer Diffusion
  • • Broncolor RFS 2 Transmitter
  • • Rolling Bag

  • • Max Power: 1200 Ws (Monolights Rated at 2400 Ws When Paired with Senso A4 - Not Included)
  • • Flash Duration: 1/180 Max - 1/600 Min
  • • Recycle Time at 100%: 1.9 seconds
  • • Power Range: 13 Ws - 1200 Ws in 1/10 Stop Increments
  • • Protective Glass Dome
  • • 300W Modeling Light
  • • Operating Voltage: 110-240V AC
  • • Built-In Slave Cell for RFS 2 Transmitter, Radio, Optical, and Sync Cable
  • • Fan-Cooled
  • • Weight: 10.1 lbs

The Broncolor 1200Ws Two Litos Monolight 22 Kit with Senso Power Pack is an all-in-one kit that is ideal for studio and on-location shooting. The power pack can accommodate up to 3 flash heads. The 2 heads the kit comes with are rated for 2400 Ws and can be used with the included A2 for up to 1200 Ws or with the A4 (rentable separately in the Broncolor 2400 Ws Two Litos Monolight 42 Kit with Senso Power Pack) for up to 2400 Ws. The included Senso A2 power pack can be switched from symmetric to asymmetric power distribution via a toggle and has bright blue readouts. The included RFS 2 Transmitter attaches to your hot shoe and communicates directly with the Senso A2's built-in radio receiver for easy wireless triggering with a range of up to 656'. Note that the Litos monolights need to be connected to the Senso to fire but the cables are generous at over 16' in length. Also included is a 28" softbox and a backpack-style rolling carrying case. The flashes fire at up to 1/600th of a second, which is fast enough for most needs but won't deliver anywhere near the same level of extreme freezing that you would find in the 1/19,000th-of-a-second Profoto B1 500 AirTTL Battery Powered Flash. The unique, ovoid shape of the Litos monolights come with their own reflectors and sport a bayonet mount that is compatible with Broncolor modifiers. Quick-release buttons allow for easy modifier and reflector changes, along with 360º rotation.