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Photoflex Whitedome 24x32" Softbox w/Removable Sides

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PLEASE NOTE: This softbox does not include a speedring, and if you do not already own some for your lighting, you will need to rent a speedring specific to the brand/mount-type of your lighting. We currently offer speedrings for Profoto, White Lightning / Alien Bees, and Elinchrom. Please also note that the speedring that you need must also be showing available when you place your order/reservation. Because of cross-compatibility, the fact that we have a softbox available, does not necessarily mean that your lighting type will have a speedring available. All three speedring options are shown below in the related products section.


The unique, translucent design of the WhiteDome produces soft, nearly shadowless lighting. With its bright, diffused light, the WhiteDome is ideal for lighting your videos, films, and large sets.

Great lighting solution for architectural photography. Comes with black side panels to prevent unwanted light spillage, and with all 4 panels attached, acts like a traditional softbox. Panels made from our Brimstone™ fabric; durable and heat-resistant.

     - Face measures 24" x 32"
     - Handles lights up to 2000 watts
     - Can also be used with strobe lights of any Ws output